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Hip Replacement Implants

Femur Stem

Corail femur stem has been on the market for over 25 years and has been placed in over 700,000 surgeries. Studies show that it still functions well in over 97% of patients after 15 years. In my opinion this is one of the best stems available on the market today. It is very well suited for anterior hip replacement. This component is pressed into the femur canal. over several months bone will grow around the stem and lock it in place. The stem is covered with a thin coat of mineral that attracts bone cells.

Ceramic Ball Component

There are ceramic balls and metal balls for hip replacement. Ceramic balls are smoother and are indicated for use on younger and more active patients. My preference is to use ceramic balls in most cases.

Metal shell with inner liner

The Hemispherical cup is pressed into the bone socket until it is stable. It is also coated with mineral. This improves fixation to the bone. Studies have shown a 99% success rate at 5 years.