Practice Policy Update regarding COVID-19


Once we have established that the patient has a hip problem we may need to order more tests to evaluate the problem and its cause.

  • Plain x-rays are obtained in the office and usually give us the most useful information
  • CT-scans are sometimes ordered if there has been a prior fracture or if the shape of the bones looks deformed on the x-rays
  • MRI is needed if we are suspecting that the bone has lost its blood supply or if we are suspecting infection or inflammation
  • Nuclear bone scans may be needed if we are suspecting infection
  • Bone density studies are ordered to evaluate hardness of the bone

Blood test:

  • Calcium level
  • Vitamin D level: Most of our patients have a deficiency in vitamin D. This vitamin is essential for good bone health
  • Parathyroid Hormone level: Important hormone for bone